pepperhat2Once I finished the Holden Shawlette I was hungry for startitis, but what I got was a case of serious knitting monogamy. I was eager to dig through my stash, pull out 20 different balls of yarn and surround myself with a dozen knitting books, but this new project I'm working on put the kibosh on that fantasy. There's only one thing that can stop a knitting pattern fever dead in its tracks: sweet sweet cashmere.

I picked up this little hat kit at the Pepperberry Knits booth at Stitches West. I've been eying it all year long as I knitted the Shakespeare Cardigan, socks and shawls and found that I couldn't wait any longer to start this puppy. I couldn't even be bothered to find the swift and winder. I just wrapped the yarn around my knees and wound this beautiful cashmere into a delightful ball.

The kit came with one skein of the dk weight cashmere, some stitch markers and the hat pattern with three different hat styles inside. So far I'm adoring the pattern and can easily see myself knitting this hat with other yarn in my stash.

I haven't even finished knitting the cabled band yet, but the yarn has this amazing balance of softness and strength that makes me want to knit it all the time. I've knit with cashmere in the past, usually blends -I believe this is a 100% cashmere. This one with its multiple ply makes it feel more substantial than what I've used before. The multiple colors give the yarn more depth too. It's not even that splitty, which you would think since it has so many plies.

It's rare that I completely rave about a yarn, but if I wanted to spoil one of my knitter friends, this would be the go-to kit. Sometimes it's hard to know what to do with cashmere and it's so expensive that you can't indulge in larger projects. These kits enable you to make yourself something useful and special -truly luxury knitting right here.


What a great way to start the fall 2013 knitting season: an old fall/winter Rowan, the Knit Picks Catalog and CASHMERE!

What kind of yarn stops your startitis before it has a chance to even begin? Let me know in the comments!


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