It's time to admit that there's a problem. 


I do not LOVE the projects currently on the needles. 

Do you know what I mean? There are knitting projects that you love so much that you are motivated to finish the next row and that next one and the next one and the next one and then before you know it the darned thing is finished and ready to wear. My vneck pullover and pink socks are not those projects.

Both projects were born of a need to knit up some stash. Both projects have the same color tone. Both projects are miles upon miles of stockinette. I want to finish them. I really really really want to finish them. And I will but probably not until this is finished:


It's the beginnings of a Rikke Hat, which apparently is quite popular. No sooner had I decided to knit one that I read about how one of the Rainey Sisters was going to knit another one. It's a garter stitch hat, which you have to knit in the round with alternating knit and purl rounds. Kind of the same as stockinette knit flat, but at least this is in the round, has a garter stitch texture and uses some leftover yarn from one of my favorite cardigans. It's my favorite shade of purple. 

Bet this hat will be done in two weeks flat. 

The Rikke Hat is super cool because it forces you to learn a new cast on. It's the German Long Tail Twist Caston, which is basically your run-of-the-mill long tail cast on, but with a sneaky twist that is a little hard to figure out. 

This is the look on my face the first time I watched a how-to video on how to do the cast on:


"You're kidding me right?"

This was the face I was making mid-cast on row:

I've got the dpn sticking out of my mouth with a ton of cast on stitches, looking at the video with a skeptical look on my face.

"Am I doing this right? Maybe I should go back to that boring stockinette"

The answer is yes, I was doing it right and if you want to know how to do this kooky cast on, check out this video. It got straight to the point and you could see the little twist and slip that makes the German Twist Long Tail Cast On. It's also called the Old Norwegian, which should really be the name of a cocktail. One could drink an Old Norwegian while knitting the Old Norwegian, which would be super helpful because you kinda need a cocktail when trying to figure out this cast on. It would send a beginner right back to cross stitch. 

This one is from Knitting Help, which was just as the title implies, helpful to my knitting:

This one is from youtube, it's a little chatty at the beginning. I just wanted to tell the guy to STFU and get straight to the knitting, but that chattiness is actually kind of helpful because he was able to describe how you're meant to pull the loop through and where. You can also view the full guide here.

It kind of helps that I'm knitting the Rikke hat as part of the fundraising auction for my kid's preschool. I'm also making a trio of marmalades for that as well. I finished the Blood Orange Marmalade on Saturday. The Cara Cara Orange was done late last night. The Lemon Vanilla will be finished tomorrow evening. Here's hoping that they raise beaucoup bucks. :)


All this crafting counts towards that fundraising work, right? I've still got a lot of work to do....

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