As a knitter you know you're super busy when you can't fathom knitting anything more complicated than a sock.


For some knitters socks are complicated enough, but I've knit dozens of pairs of socks. I hardly have to think about knitting them, as opposed to the complicated stitch patterns of the cardis I've been knitting in the last couple of years. I've knitted so many socks over the past decade of knitting socks that some of them have had to been thrown out. I'm like the Yarn Harlot. I do not waste time darning holes in socks. If the sock has decided to go and do something as silly as develop a drafty hole then obviously it's cannot be trusted to keep my feet warm. I've thrown away so many at this point that it's time to replenish my handknitted sock supply.

Luckily, I am much happier when I have a pair of socks to knit. This is proven by the events of the last couple of weeks. 

I've been working with my cooperative preschool which is a part time job in itself.

I've been leading the Alameda Renters Coalition to help support renters in the housing crisis.

I've been working to enact new city ordinances to give renters more protections.

I've been taking crisis line phone calls, heartbreaking ones where our most vulnerable citizens are being pushed out of their homes with nowhere to go. 

I've been getting depressed about the state of our country corporate democrazy.

And I've been doing this without knitting. The only thing I've had on the needles this spring was a cardigan sweater, but I couldn't be bothered to even consider knitting it. Just the idea created more stress. For weeks I ignored my mind's call to knit until I finally gave in and started this pair of socks and I'll tell you. I am much much happier knitting socks than knitting nothing at all. 

And this week, with another cooperative preschool year over and my oldest moving on to kindergarten I'm a little sad. It's time to move on to another era of parenting, and another school -a school that is larger than even the schools I attended as a child, on the other side of town from where my kids go to preschool and very few of our toddler and preschool friends attending our school. :( After next year I really won't have too many reasons to leave our little suburb of a suburb. This would be fine, but like so many other American suburbs it's hard to connect with other families and there doesn't seem to be much in common between me and the other families I do bump into around here. It's a silly problem I know, but it makes the last couple of years seem like a magical time that will never happen again. I suppose I'm lucky to realize that there's only one more year left while my youngest son completes his final year at school. 

I suppose that it's been sitting here all along, staring me in the face. There have been communities that I have loved and left in the past that I miss now, like my old knitting group in Marin. Maybe just maybe it's time for me to start another one. If only there was a halfway decent yarn shop in my own neighborhood. 

When in doubt go back to your knitting.

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