Thanksgiving is over and Christmastime is here. For those of you still keeping up, my husband is still unemployed though we have received some good news, but it still remains to be seen whether we will be enjoying an unemployed Christmas. It sounds a lot worse than it is. We have enough money to get by and it's a comfort to know that jobs are on the horizon. We're focused more on fun experiences than we are on buying new things, which is probably better anyway.


Thanks to mom and grandma the husband and I were able to go out and enjoy a movie. We saw Thor, and it was the perfect escape from our anxious minds. It was fun and fun is the antidote to a bad attitude. We also took the train into the city to Union Square. It's so rare that I get into San Francisco itself. I used to work in Union Square (at the worst job ever) and it's amazing how it's changed in the last ten years. I haven't actually spent time in downtown over the holidays in ages and I forgot how festive it can be.

As for knitting it's still all about the Dahlia Cardigan and the Textured Cardigan. I've all but abandoned the ikea chair cover. I have to knit it with such large needles and it's not all that comfortable to knit.
I'll get back to it eventually.


So here's my progress for the year!

  • Textured Shawl (5% done)
  • Poang chair cover (5% done)
  • Christmas Socks #3 (3% done)
  • Older Boy Cardigan
  • Younger Boy Cardigan
  • That Knitted Cuff Thing
  • Dahlia Cardigan (8% done)


Mitered Block Blanket (100% done.)

Hannah Hat #2 100% done

Christmas Socks #2 (95% done)

Shakespeare Cardigan (100% done)

Multnomah Shawl (100% done)

Pepperberry Knits Hat (100% done)

Holden Shawlette (100% done)

Christmas Socks #1 (99% done)

What's new with your knitting?

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