Another shawl finished, just in time for the fall knitting season. This is the Holden Shawlette, which is designed for a fingering weight yarn, but I chose to use a worsted weight instead. I barely had enough yarn to finish this thing. I had to scrap the last feather and fan repeat, but I still have a lovely shawl that covers just a little more than half my back. I even blocked the thing along with the Multnomah Shawl so that makes two items 100% finished.

Chez moi, we were just getting into the swing of things when Nate decided to have a little cold and a fever which meant that I couldn't take him into school and he could not take his school picture. This was a HUGE bummer. I was really looking forward to this, but I don't think he would have looked good in the photos if we had braved it anyway. :/

Now that I have two projects completely finished my mind has been pondering some startitis. One of the Christmas socks is almost done. That could be a finished object in the next 24 hours, but alas it's fall and it's time for fall cleaning.

Some people do Spring Cleaning, but I do Fall Cleaning. If I get all of the fall stuff out of the way in the first two weeks of fall, then I can put a lot of my focus on my knitting and on my boys, so these nagging cleaning tasks like getting rid of old furniture, putting books in storage, donating stuff to goodwill and scrubbing the house top to bottom happens now.

So the startitis is going to have to wait. That's ok, I've got the warm fuzzy cashmere from this Multnomah Shawl to keep me warm. I don't think I mind... that much.


So here's my progress for the year!

  • Christmas Socks #2 (40% done)
  • Christmas Socks #3
  • Christmas Socks #4
  • Older Boy Cardigan
  • Younger Boy Cardigan
  • That Knitted Cuff Thing
  • Pepperberry Knits Hat
  • Mitered Block Blanket (95% done)
  • Dahlia Cardigan (8% done)


Shakespeare Cardigan (100% done)

Multnomah Shawl (100% done)

Holden Shawlette (100% done)

Christmas Socks #1 (99% done)


How's your knitting season 2013 going? What do you like to do for fall? Let me know in the comments

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