bHYN6It seems there's been a rise in the incidences of yarn bombing. More and more knitters and crocheters are joining groups where they can make the world a little prettier... with yarn. Here's what's been going on with yarn bombing on the blogs:

Amy from A is for Ampersand just discovered yarn bombing and has some other observations on nifty wedding invites, vintage paint by number paintings and an etsy sweatshirt.

Grandmothers Legacy tagged a bridge with a crocheted shield.

The Alamo City Knitting Society is sponsoring a yarn bombing event.

JennyRicky has an outsider's view of yarn bombing, which she witnessed during a trip to Oregon.

95.7 The Bridge has some nice photos of some yarn bombing efforts.

and catknits is getting ready for some yarn bombing of her own.

The East Bay Express has some Yarn Bombing locations in Berkeley!

What do you think of yarn bombing? Have you ever yarn bombed?

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