yarnalong_gsheller_grayIt's Yarn Along again. Time to see what knitters are knitting and reading all around the interwebs. It's a great way to find new knitting blogs and get people to find yours too!! Click here to read all of our old yarn along posts. We've been doing this a while and you can see our progress on our knitting for almost the past year!

This week I've been working on the Hannah Hat from Pepperberry Knits and I'm happy to say that the knitting is done on it, but I still have to dig up some interfacing or foam to make the brim.


As for reading I'm too busy for books, so it's all about the magazines. I'm in love with the recipes in this month's Real Simple. There's a ton of great butternut squash recipes. Unfortunately being a mom with two kids most of the cleaning tips take too much time to implement. I'm lucky if I get the laundry folded and that's rather depressing. I feel the same way about pinterest. Too much fantasy, not enough money for pretty clothes, not enough time for these beautifully designed living spaces.


But hey, at least Chez KnitLuck there's beautiful knitting... cashmere knitting

How's your week going? What are you knitting and reading. Be sure to share in the comments! I can't wait to visit your blog!


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