yarnalong_gsheller_grayIt's Yarn Along again. Time to see what knitters are knitting and reading all around the interwebs. It's a great way to find new knitting blogs and get people to find yours too!! Click here to read all of our old yarn along posts. We've been doing this a while and you can see our progress on our knitting for almost the past year!


First off, congrats to Ginny on her new baby, who arrived just in time for Yarn Along last week. He seems like a hardy little fellow.

I love knitting the textured shawl, but I feel called to work on something different for a little extra flavor, like the Dahlia Cardigan. As for reading I picked up All Wound Up again. I love envy Stephanie's writing. I'm reading through it again to see what I can learn about being a better writer. Then I want to read more of Rachel Herron's work. 

We're enjoying our time together as a family. Enjoyed hanging out with friends over the weekend and hanging out with my mom. 2013 just keeps getting so out of hand it's becoming comical. I'm afraid that if I say any more I will be tempting fate. All I can do is smile and laugh and remember: it's just a ride.

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