Huzzah! I have been knitting AND I have been reading. Even better, I have been reading about knitting. It being Wednesday and Yarn Along Day, you get to see a photo for proof.


For Mother's Day I took some momma-time and went out for breakfast by myself where I had the best breakfast sandwich known to man (Cafe Q in Alameda if you're in the area). Then I headed to my local bookstore and happily found The Principles of Knitting and My Life in Stitches by Rachel Herron. I splurged and bought both.

The Principles of Knitting is a must for any obsessed knitter. Any knitting question you have can be answered by the POK. My Life in Stitches was a wonderful read. Much of the memoir takes place in the area where I live so it made me feel right at home. It was such an intimate piece of writing that I felt like I was getting to know a friend better. The stories are parceled out in such compact pieces that it was an easy read, which is exactly what I need with two young children around me.

Knitting-wise I'm happy that I managed to get into the ribbed part of the diminishing rib.


However, I think the sweater is turning out a little bit on the big side, which sucks because I swatched and got gauge, but it's just ginormous. I'm a little worried that it's too late to turn back now :/ Or I'm just going to put some strategically placed buttons and turn it into an assymetric sweater. Hopefully not emphasized on the ass.


Should I just rip it out and start over? Or should I soldier on? Let me know in the comments.

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