yarnalong_gsheller_grayIt's Yarn Along again. Time to see what knitters are knitting and reading all around the interwebs. It's a great way to find new knitting blogs and get people to find yours too!! Click here to read all of our old yarn along posts. We've been doing this a while and you can see our progress on our knitting for almost the past year!


I've missed out on Yarn Along for the past couple of weeks. This first part of 2013 has been rather stressful. When I get stressed out it's hard for me to think about anything other than fixing the stress, even when there's not a whole lot that I can do. It's hard to write anything so I try to keep the focus on my knitting. So while I've got a lot of knitting done I haven't gotten so much writing done, which sucks because I'd really like to be writing more.


Also, I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing me knit the sleeves on the Shakespeare Cardigan and sock knitting is pretty boring too so I haven't felt like I've had anything interesting to share. I'm almost done with the second sleeve! I figured two sleeves were more interesting than one:


As for reading, we recently got rid of some bookshelves that were taking up too much space in our house. So glad those are gone! However, this means that a lot of books don't have a proper home right now, including all of my favorite cooking magazines. Delicious is one of my favorites and these two summer issues from ages ago still inspire me. The weather is getting warmer so I'm getting ready to bust out with some summer cooking too. I'm also reading Tezuka's Buddha graphic novel series. My husband read it years ago and I didn't have the heart to put them in storage so I thought maybe it was my turn to read them.

What are you knitting and reading these days?


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