yarnalong_gsheller_grayI'm taking a break from the busy-ness of summer to participate in Yarn Along, sponsored by Ginny at Small Things where knit-bloggers share what they're knitting and reading.

We've been knee deep in summer activities, activities that require a lot of planning, shopping and organizing and not so much time for knitting or writing. I miss the writing and soon I will have a little more time for it. My eldest son will soon be going into daycare so I'll have a little bit more concentration to get some writing done.

We've been road tripping and camping. I've gotten to see more of California than I've ever seen before. I can't believe that there are more beautiful vistas. I did an epic drive from Santa Rosa to Gualala, through Bodega Bay and it was breathtaking. The rocky coast, the swelling waves and the straw yellow hills. It's no wonder that many a song has been written about the drive along route 1. This little road trip has done a lot to satisfy my wanderlust. I hope to do more road trips soon. I've never been to Yosemite. That's going to have to be remedied. I've lived in California for nearly twenty years and I can't believe I've never made it to Yosemite.


I did finish a sock and started the second one of the Yith Socks. I might be making a lot of socks for Christmas this year. I'm reading the latest Time Magazine, which features the shocking amount of suicides in the wake of the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. From what I've read, the mental health of our soldiers is being terribly mishandled. There needs to be more done for these folks who have made the greatest sacrifices. No suicidal veteran should have to wait 40 minutes on hold to get assistance. Whether more needs to be communicated about the civilian services available or whether our military services need better training it is shocking that we can change overseas regimes, but we can't take care of our own. One thing needs to change for sure in this country: the stigma of mental health disorders needs to go away. We need to make it easier and less shameful for people to admit to mental health issues.

Knitting has helped me cope with depression and anxiety. I hope we can find productive ways for people with mental health issues.

What are you knitting and reading these days? Hopefully something less depressing than me!

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