yarnalong_gsheller_grayIt's Wednesday and Yarn Along day again with Ginny of Small Things. Crafters all over the web share what they're reading and what they're knitting.

This week I've been obsessed with getting to the honeycomb portion of the Shakespeare Cardigan. I just measured my progress and I'm only half an inch away. I'll try measuring again after two more rows. Over the weekend I bought two more knitting books. I've wanted November Knits for a long while. There are many must-knit projects in there. I had forgotten how well Interweave lays out their knitting books. You do see so many different views of a pattern that it's easy to find multiple projects that you must make.

I wasn't planning to buy two knitting books, but once I flipped through Knitting the Perfect Fit by Melissa Leapman I realized that this book had a lot to teach me. I can't wait to experiment with the book's various shaping techniques. With any luck I'll get closer to knitting wearable sweaters.


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