yarnalong_gsheller_grayIt's Yarn Along again. Time to see what knitters are knitting and reading all around the interwebs. It's a great way to find new knitting blogs and get people to find yours too!! Click here to read all of our old yarn along posts. We've been doing this a while and you can see our progress on our knitting for almost the past year!



My son loves to touch my knitting and say "softy!" This usually happens when I'm trying to take photos of my knitting. This time I thought I would include his cute little hand, even if it makes taking photos a little more difficult. But you can see, I've picked up the Shakespeare Cardigan again and I'm hoping beyond hope that I have enough yarn to finish this thing. I'm definitely keeping my fingers and toes crossed because I'm loving how it's turning out.

As for reading I loved Trevor Blakes Three Simple Steps so much when I borrowed it from the library that I purchased it for my phone so that I have it with me wherever I go. It's a great book that helps me remember that I choose whether negativity enters my life. Just thinking of this book brings me to a calmer, more centered place open to the possibilities in life instead of the hindrances. I'm not so obsessed with self help books, but there have been a few that have helped me see unrealistic expectations within myself and have propelled a greater understanding of the world and anyone can benefit from that. I don't like a lot of psychobabble bullarkey. The books I've liked have been straightforward, full of personal stories that provide good examples of choosing happiness. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff was a big thing for me in my late teens and it taught me that I didn't need drama in my life and that you can choose to avoid it.

So that's what I'm knitting and reading this week. What about you? What books bring you through difficult times? Do you have any favorite self-help books?

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