giantsComboLargeThe World Series of Baseball starts tonight (and don't give me any guff about whether it's a legitimate World Series -it is if Canada is in our league) and I'm excited as I live in the SF Bay Area and our beloved SF Giants have finally made it! We'll be playing the Texas Rangers, which provides some conflict in our house because my Grandma is from Texas -let's just say there are bets on the table and depending on the winner someone may or may not have to do all of the dishes as Thanksgiving.

Those of you in Dallas are in luck The Shabby Sheep is having a special World Series sale, with a different sale for each game in the series. They're calling it the "Shabby Sheep Loves the Texas Rangers Sale" and you get extra special discounts if you show up in Rangers gear! The sale goes as follows:

Game 1 20% off all Double Point Needles all day
Game 2 25% off all Stitch Markers all day
Game 3 20% off all Chibi Darning Needles all day
Game 4 20% off all Cashmere Yarn all day
Game 5 30% off all Single Patterns all day
Game 6 40% off all Back Issue of Magazines all day
Game 7 20% off all Bulky Yarns all day

For us San Franciscans, you can find some SF Giants Banana Yarn Available Here. Etsy Seller Yarnlust will custom dye sock yarn in the color of your favorite team, even if they're not in the World Series.

Also check of Craftzine's baseball socks and SF Giants Cup Cozies.

SF Yarn Shop Owners: Let me know if you have any World Series Specials and I'll be happy to share them!

Will you be watching the World Series tonight? Will you be able to knit? Let me know in the comments!


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