Another year, another list of things I want for Christmas. Some things never change. I've wanted a new camera for three years and I still want a new camera. That's the thing about having kids is that the Christmas is really about them. As it should be. One of these years when I'm making money I will buy myself some of these goodies, but I'm still going to spend some time dreaming about what I want for the holidays, with some great gift ideas for knitters at the same time.

Reservations at Jimmy Bean's Wool's June Knitting Retreat

Twice a year, the fine folks at Jimmy Bean's Wool in Reno put on a glorious knitting retreat, full of comfort, special guest teachers and even a trip to a spa. I have been dreaming of this trip, a whol weekend of child-free knitting goodness for years. I am determined to make this hapen this year. This link is from last year's retreat, but you can bet that a new one will be announced soon. I can't wait to find out who the teachers will be. It would be the best birthday gift ever.


madtoshvintageesotericMadelineTosh Yarn

I still want a sweater quantity of madeline tosh. I don't know what sweater I'd make, but it would probably go immediately onto the needles. Here are some of my favorite colors that I would like to wear on a regular basis. I'm pretty picky about fiber content. I prefer my wool to have some cotton in it because 100% wool is really too warm for Northern California, but superwash wool can be a little lighter so I'm going to go with Madeline Tosh Vintage in Esoteric.




addiclickbamboo22Addi Click Bamboo Interchangeable Knitting Needles

I want the whole shebang. I have all these bits and pieces from all these different interchangeable knitting needle sets and I would love to have one whole complete set, in metal, preferably long tips. Failing that, a set of the Knitters Pride Platina Nova. Ideally I would have a set of both.


Jordana Paige Knitting Bag

I lurve the Quinn bag, but right now it doesn't come in any of my favorite colors, but if you love cranberry or off-white then you might enjoy one of Jordana Paige's beautiful bags. 


A Weekend With My Family in The Snow

Can you say Lake Tahoe? I could make it happen. Maybe this spring. I'd really like that. Maybe to the Sierras and gold country.  


A Sony Mirrorless Camera

It's long been time for a new camera. I've been making do with a new camera phone, but I miss having a decent lens to take real photos for this blog. I would love a compact dslr that can accomodate interchangeable lenses. 



Some time to play Pathfinder or D&D 5th Edition with my closest friends

Did you know that gaming is the perfect companion to knitting? Sure, you can binge netflix and knit, but it's much more fun to play board games with my honey and my closest friends. 


A Sonicare Toothbrush

I hate the dentist. Anything that keeps me away from the dentist is something I love. My old sonicare crapped out on me last year and I'll tell you that my dental health has suffered since. 


Quality Skincare Products

Can you say Kiehl's? I'm in my mid thirties. If I don't start taking care of stuff now it's only going to go downhill. All those years of not wearing sunscreen and frowning are doing a number on your forehead. Friends, listen to your mothers. They were right. If you keep making that face it will stay that way. Forever. And it will make you look old.


5 Date Nights with My Honey

I've had gift certificates to restaurants left unused all year long. I want some time to eat a lovely meal with the man I adore! Wouldn't that be great?  


What kinds of things do you want for the holidays?




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