OK, ok. Big Deep Breaths. I know it looks bad. Really bad, but you're not going to be able to help yourself, or your family if you keep freaking out. This is an abusive man who is now our president and we have to take steps to care for ourselves so that we can fight him and his policies down the line:

1) Limit news intake.

2) Stay informed in political groups so you know what we're fighting for.

3) Cry it out, but if you're finding that you can't function get therapy or see a doctor about anxiety.

4) Surround yourself with things that make you happy.

5) Get involved locally.

I've gotten myself back to pre-election kinda calm by resolving not to allow this man to take over my life, my thoughts and my worries, because if we do that. Trump Wins. We have to take our lives back.

If you're a Trump supporter I congratulate you and hope that you hold him to a high standard and ensure that all of our rights are upheld. 

Keep it together, friends.

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