Library_-_5368So a couple of weeks ago I found myself at loose ends in Palo Alto and used it as an excuse to trek over to Los Altos and visit Uncommon Threads. Pretty much any time I'm at loose ends is an excuse to venture out to an unfamiliar yarn shop and while I'm on a personal moratorium against yarn purchases (ahem except those Goddess Yarns sales on Ebay), I can always find something interesting to support my knitting habit.

But first a few notes about the store. Uncommon Threads is under new management and being unfamiliar with its original incarnation, it seems to be chugging along just fine. When I visited, there was one woman knitting at a table and getting assistance with a project and other customers breezed in and out as I made my way around. Everything is laid out nicely and neatly with three areas for books, pattern leaflets and magazines. Thinking on it now, I'm wishing I had purchased the new Fall issue of Interweave Knits. The personnel were friendly but not constantly underfoot -and they gave me a good recommendation for a nearby cafe.

Library_-_5361I tried staying away from the yarns -just too much guilt at this time (especially when I've only knit one pair of socks in the last year), but two things caught my eye: The Knit Kit and the Knit Journal from Stewart Tabori and Chang. I know there are a million ways to manage your stash and needles on the intertubes and even on your phone, but there's something quaint about having it all written down in an appropriately themed book. It was a nice way to spoil myself.

I'm quite happy with the Knit Kit. It's much easier to find in my knitting bag than my usual measuring tape and it's nice to have a little crochet hook and tapestry needle on hand in one spot. There's been a lot less digging around my back for things, which means more time for knitting. I like it so much, that I'm tempted to also get it in black. Admittedly I'm thrilled that they've moved away from their original pink color, which as I may have mentioned before resembeled a birth control pill holder a little too much for me. I might actually get it in black (thought a deep hot pink model, or purple would be something).

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