I've been going through some of my old articles and stumbled across one of my old gifts guides for knitters from 2014, What I Want for Christmas. I put many a personal wish on that guide, things that weren't so knittery. It was actually a very sarcastic piece. I was probably stressed out at the time wishing for a break away from the babies or some other kooky thing. The cool part is that I'm reading through the guide and I've actually gotten quite a few things on the wish list:

1) A new camera

I finally got my mirrorless Sony A5000 refurbished off of shopgoodwill.com. I'm kinda happy with the camera, but find that I still prefer my camera phone. Funny how things work out like that sometimes 


2) Botanical Knits

I never bought it. Don't miss it and look at the wall o knitting books and think to myself "uh, I don't need anymore knitting books". 


thenewknitkit3) Another Knit Kit

I have not bought another one, mainly because they've been out of stock for months because the manufacturer has moved production to the United States, which is AWESOME. Jobs for Americans! It's a little more expensive, but it's worth the extra money knowing that the workers are getting fair wages and that children aren't producing it. 


4) Another Knitting Group in My Neighborhood

I have my knitting group. It's weekly, it's small and it's in a cafe. It's all I need. As much as I wish I could open up a yarn shop/knitting class business, I don't want to give up my life for that and honestly, yarn shops are not doing so well in the Bay Area. People are spending so much on rent that they spend little on other things. 


5) A Spell for Holey Handknitted Socks

I just don't knit many socks anymore. I have one half a sock sitting in my purse waiting for me to turn the heel because I have forgotten how to do the short rows on the bottom of the sock. It has completely slipped my mind. I think I'm still resentful that my socks just don't last forever and I've forgotten just how fast time flies and that so many of my knitted socks are five years or older. So that problem's solved 

6) A Reasonable Babysitter

I'm lucky I have three: Omama, and my mom and dad. It's just a lot easier (and cheaper) to wait until one of these family members is available. Half the time we go out and it doesn't feel worth the time, energy or money we've spent to do it. Plus we just like hanging out with our kids. We are old fuddy duddies now. 

7) Massage

I could still use another massage. Something for this year's Christmas list. 

8) Historical Fiction Recomendations

It just so happens that I'm reading a historical fiction epic: The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. I'm on Quicksilver now. With any luck I won't finish reading them until the next Game of Thrones book comes out. So hey. I don't need any historical fiction recommendations!

9) The Entirety of Kath and Kim on DVD

I don't need that anymore. I got it on Hulu and prefer watching Please Like Me instead. :D

It's kind of weird to go through an old wish list and see how many things just resolved themselves without any effort. Maybe that is life. Maybe all the things I worry about now: money, housing, purpose will all figure themselves out when I'm least expecting it and I'll forget just how much I wanted those things naturally. That's kind of a great feeling. Guess it's time for a new wish list. Stay tuned.


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