There's a new sock yarn that is selling out every time it goes on the market: Little Red Bicycle. Knitters have been clamoring for just about any skein of yarn from Little Red Bicycle. Finger, lace, worsted. They're all flying off the shelves. I've been wanting to buy a skein in Cthulhu but I keep missing the sales. DERP!!!!!

I bought a skein of the sock yarn in Race of the Yith at Stitches West this year and it's the next pair of socks I'm going to make once I'm finished with my Wonderland Dyeworks socks.

From Little Red Bicycle Etsy Shop

Check out Dagon too, soo pretty:

From Little Red Bicycle Etsy Shop

and Deirdre which is another favorite

From Little Red Bicycle Etsy Shop

What are some of the Etsy Indy Yarn shops that you love? Let me know in the comments!

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