It looked like this. I was mere inches away from getting to the tubular bind off. I had been hustling on this knitting project, so eager to see the finished product. It's in my favorite color, in a yarn that's been in my stash for five years. I've been knitting this cardigan for the last five months, starting over twice when my toddler son had unraveled it.


This photo was taken last Wednesday for Yarn Along day (you can tell by the accompanying book). We were so close to being able to attack the sleeves!

Here it is now:


Yes folks, it is FROGGED, along with it my heart and maybe a little bit of my sanity. The cardigan was way too big and it felt silly to keep going because the yarn deserves better. This yarn deserves to be worn as a beautiful, well fitted garment. Hopefully, if I knit one size smaller that's what I'll end up with. It's a little too painful to start it all over again so soon. I looked at other patterns to see if there was something different that I'd rather knit. Surprisingly, after an extensive search on Ravelry I still just want to knit the Diminishing Rib Cardigan. Better luck next time, eh?

So how does one console themselves after such a knitting disaster?

Casting on a sock, of course.


Little Red Bicycle Great Race of the Yith toe up with a provisional crochet cast-on. It's tempting to try one of Wendy's patterns for this sock, particularly the yarn over heart pattern.

So mourn with me the demise of this cardigan. How do you cope when you are wronged by your knitting? Let me know in the comments.

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