The yarn has spoken!


The knitting bug has returned and I am back on the sheep as it were. (as opposed to the horse you know). While a few weeks ago I was just knitting socks, the full knitting habit is back with my daily effort to finish the Red Fern Cardigan. In case you've forgotten and you'd be forgiven because I cast that thing on months ago, the Red Fern Cardigan is from the front page of the Fall 2014 Interweave Knits. I'm using my old stash of Godden Yarns Ellen, which is 60% wool and 50% cotton. Years after this yarn has been discontinued I'm still enamored of it. There is a supple softness to this yarn that I have never been able to find in another yarn in all these years of knitting. 


I'm on the last bits of the cardigan. The body and sleeves are finished and now I'm on to the neck, followed by the button band and the pockets, which shouldn't take too long. This of course means that I'm already looking forward to my next knitting projects.

I went bumbling through my yarn stash this morning, looking for my ball winder and swift.


I found the swift and winder buried under some quilting fabric along with this skein of Kitchen Sink Dyeworks sock yarn (yet another discontinued yarn I loved, sigh). I also took the opportunity to dig through my knitting book stash. I'm doing something a little different this time around. I think I'm going to knit a more complicated sock. This goes completely against my entire philosophy of sock knitting, which is that sock knitting is the cigarette smoking of knitters. Socks allow you to pick up and knit a little bit whenever the mood strikes without having to think much about the knitting. I know knitting a regular, run-of-the-mill sock like I know how to write my name. I like to knit in the same way that some folks like to smoke cigarettes, in short little bursts while I'm doing something else, or whenever I'm needing a moment to think. The knitting creates the space to calm down and notice my surroundings and ponder. That's the whole reason I like knitting socks and now I'm throwing that whole philosophy out the window so that I can do something a little fancier. What am I thinking? I'm a little worried that I will drive myself crazy with these socks.

They're Evelyn A Clark's Waving Lace socks, which you can find in Interweave's Favorite Socks book, and here on Ravelry.

You may have noticed that I bought myself a new set of DPN's, they're Addi's. I came to an important conclusion after many years of knitting with bamboo dpn's that over the years have bent and warped with heavy use: I'm switching to metal sock needles. I love bamboo. It's my favorite kind of knitting needle, but I'm just sick of buying another set of bamboo needles every couple of years. Anything larger than a 3 is fine, but once you get smaller than that the needles just get bent up with regular use. It's just physics, so I think the time has come to accept that I need to move onto metal dpns. 

There's another project I'm thinking of starting, but you're going to have to wait until next time for me to show it to you. Two words tho: Erika Knight. 

What are you knitting?

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