We all have a large sock yarn stash right? Sometimes you are just sick of knitting socks. I've found a new thing. Sock yarn hats. It's everything you love about sock yarn, but without haveing to knit actual socks. One hat takes up one 400 yard skein of sock yarn and because hats don't get nearly the heavy duty wear that socks do, you actually end up owning a sock yarn hat longer than you do a pair of socks. I've had a lot of thin sock yarn hanging around my stash and it's been mighty satisfying to find something new to do with it, so much so that I started another one.


I might even make some mini ones for the boys. Maybe we'll wear them for a holiday photo. 

There's something funny about Noro yarns and their uh, unique way of choosing color ways. You have a bunch of colors that look great together and you're knitting at a nice clip. It's not too boring because there's a nice little color change every 6 rounds. It's kind of like driving a nice gently hilly road. Then you get the weird color that just does not belong that makes you stop knitting in your tracks. You can almost hear the squeal of car breaks in your ear as the rogue color approaches. As you continue knitting with this new crazy color, all the while fearing that the color is ruining the wearibility of the hat you subtly hear the song bubbling in your head "one of these things is not like the other". Yet you keep knitting, refusing to tink back and cut the idiosyncratic color out because it would then take all of the fun out of knitting with Noro yarn. Life doesn't always have nicely matching colors. Sometimes the suprise is a little disruptive, but in the end you're thankful for the little bump in the ride and even maybe a better person for it. It's kind of the same way knitting with Noro yarns.

I write this knowing that on the first hat I was not nearly so brave. There's supposed to be some dark green towards the top of the first hat, but it did not mesh with my vision and I'm still satisfied with that hat, feeling a little snarky in the process. "I beat you noro and your crazy colorways!", but sticking to the crazy this time around has had its own rewards. 

This could end up being a story of 3 Noro hats. When I'm done with this second one I might still have enough for a small child's hat, which is an opportunity for the frankenoro colorway. I'll take the two colorways I used and combine them in a unique way. Who knows if the boy in question will actually wear it, but it certainly keeps my knitting habit interesting, to me at least.

How goes it with your knitting?

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