One sweater finishes another sweater begins. I'm still on a swatching spree for the Eileen Fisher Dolman Sleeve Pullover from Vogue Knitting Fall 2014. This is one of those deals where some major stashbusting will be accomplished if I knit this sweater. The trouble is that I'm not getting gauge. I keep going up a needle size and it still doesn't get gauge. I'm going to wash my swatches soon to see if washing them has any effect, but until then I've had a little secret weapon to help me see what I'm trying to achieve with the yarn and the gauge: my mother in law's dolman sleeve Eileen Fisher sweater that she bought ages ago. It's not the exact same sweater as the Vogue Knitting design, but it's very similar. Two piece knit across and seamed together. 

When you see the sweater all stretched out like this it doesn't look awesome, but it looks great on my MIL


This sweater has been washed a bunch of times, which means I need to wash my swatches to see how the yarn behaves. I'm such a stickler for gauge, mainly because I actually like to wear the things I knit. Funny how that works out.



The gauge on this is rather stretched out, which is disturbing for a super tight knitter like myself, but seeing this seater in person and seeing the gauge I'm able to understand how the yarn is supposed to behave. The lose gauge gives the cotton yarn drape which will hopefully look attractive. Knowing this gives me the confidence to keep going up knitting needle sizes to get the yarn right.


The smaller swatch was done with size 8 needles, the one on the right done with size 9. I still haven't gotten gauge and you can see why. The swatches about are still tight and not as loose as the finished product behind, which is roughly the same gauge as the knitting pattern. I could either try a pair of size 10 knitting needles or wash these swatches to see what they do. Since I lean towards a tighter gauger I'm going to try washing them first to see what happens.

The sad thing is that this isn't going to be the only sweater on the needles. My mom gave me a copy of the Fall 2014 Interweave Knits and it has me swooning with more stashbusting. There are two cardigans that I MUST KNIT with yarn in the stash. I'm astounded that I have so many sweater quantities of yarn, but if I get three sweaters finished in the next two years, that's a lot of yarn stashbusted. I just might be able to to justify buying some new yarn. One could hope.

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