Interchangeable Knitting Needle Guide ImageWelcome to the latest installment of the Knit Luck Guide to Interchangeable Knitting Needles! This might seem like a strange addition to the guide, but not everyone wants to have a full set of interchangeable needles. Some people don't really like having to put their knitting needles together in order to use them.

Let's be honest there are some annoying things about interchangeable knitting needle sets:

  • The tips can become disconnected from the cables
  • It's not always easy to identify the needlesize
  • The cable isn't the length you need
  • It can take some time to replace broken needle tips


fixedcircs2What is the alternative for people who don't want to go the route of the set of interchangeable knitting needles? Complete sets of fixed-length circulars.

The cool thing about having complete sets of fixed circulars is that you won't have to worry about the tips coming apart from the cables, the downside is that you have less flexibilty about cable lengths. Fortunately fixed circular sets are very affordable. You can find an entire set of 24" bamboo circular knitting needles for $7.00. If you like bamboo knitting needles then you're all set.

They sell them on Amazon, you can get one of each of every size, if you wanted to be a completist about it, you could by a whole set of fixed circulars for every cable length. Here is what's available:

Bamboo 24"

Bamboo 30"

Bamboo 16"

Bamboo 40"

Bamboo 60"

Aluminim 32" 

Now given, these are cheap knitting needles and judging from the reviews aren't the best quality, but you're not looking at a big loss of money when a knitting needle breaks -which isn't so true when one of your interchangeable knitting needles breaks. On the plus side you do get one of each size (almost) and it makes for an excellent selection.

Soon we'll take a look at circular knitting needle cases so that you actually have a place to put all these knitting needles! Arguably, you could have a case for each needle length!

Have you bought a set of fixed circulars? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments!

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