For some folks, Black Friday is a day for shopping but for me this year it's all about recovery. My body hurts. I must be getting old because all I did was cook some Thanksgiving turkey in my bare feet. I am not usually on my feet all day, but yesterday I was running around all over the house making food and my body is paying for it now. I really need to get fit because this achiness is not a happy feeling. So today I'm doing a whole lot of nothing, well at least until I have to go to our preschool and change out the imaginative play area. Until I do that, I'm just sitting around, reading the Black Friday circulars, drinking coffee and knitting.

Thanksgiving was pretty fabulous.

1) Cooking the rosemary pancetta garlic turkey

2) The amazing nibblies that my cousin brought over. Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!

3) Seeing my best friend and her family and knowing just how awesome she's doing.

4) Seeing my grandma and her getting to see the great-grandchildren.

5) Thanksgiving dinner was amazingly tasty (turkey, stuffing, corn spoon bread, ham, green beans, cranberry sauce).

6) The Adventure Time marathon.

7) Arriving home after a long day.

8) Showing off my progress on the Dahlia cardigan to my grandmother who was amazed at its construction.

9) The holiday season has started.

10) Eggnog in coffee.

On the home front, we have received good news, but I'm not celebrating until all of the papers have been signed, which should happen next week.

No photos today. You already know that we're knitting row upon row of purple stockinette, but we are getting close to the end of it (however I will not be binding off that right front side because I want to make sure that the fronts will be long enough so that the sweater actually looks good.

How was your thanksgiving?


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