Knitting is not just about the yarn and needles. So, next in our series of gifts for knitters that aren't yarn or needles is a selection of gadgets and tools for the savvy knitblogger.

The dedicated knitblogger needs some techie tools to blog in a style that is becoming to one's stash. For instance, If you want to have a fully documented stash on Ravelry, you're going to need a fabulous laptop, a high-quality camera, a super fantastic smart phone, and a HD camera that you can fit in your pocket. OK, well maybe some of these things will just help with your blogging ;)

These items have been chosen mainly because I covet them.

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1) A super duper awesome uber mega pixel Digital SLR Camera. I happen to like this Nikon:


It's got more than 12 mega pixels, a nifty lens (at least in the Amazon package), Movie capture, and a 2.7 inch LCD screen. I could eat that for breakfast.



2) A stylish and fast laptop

applelaptopIs it so wrong to want my laptop to look good AND kick ass?




3) An Android Phone

droidxYes, yes, I know everyone wants an iphone, but I don't want a smart phone that doesn't actually work as a phone. I know that Verizon will probably get the iphone in 2012, but it's not 2012 and I need a functional smart phone now, so I have a Droid X. I love lurve my DroidX.

It's great for capturing that yarn graffiti that keeps popping up everywhere.



4) A Portable HD Video Camera

flipvideoYou never know when you're going to bump into the Yarn Harlot in an airport and get an opportunity to Kinnear her.

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