Shakespeare Cardigan by Pam Grushkin, photo by Tahki Stacy Charles
It took a long while, but I finally found a sweater to knit with the infamous Jo Sharp Aran Tweed that I frogged last year. I picked the Shakespeare Cardigan, which is a free pattern from Tahki Stacy Charles. They have a lovely tweed that they designed this for, but it will suit our needs for now.


I know I had picked some other sweaters before, but I never cast them on because they didn't feel right and I wasn't about to spend another four months knitting the wrong sweater again. Then of course there was this problem where I couldn't get gauge no matter what needles I used. It was a little disappointing to pick a sweater only to have it not work out in the gauge process.

Then I finally found the Shakespeare Cardigan, but it took a while to commit to this pattern because I was uncertain about the 1x1 rib, which encompasses most of the knitting. That kind of ribbing can be a pain on the hands especially since I don't knit continental and don't have the brainspace to learn it. Thankfully, the 1x1 rib wasn't so terrible and I'm actually enjoying it.

Is it official? Has my sweater knitting mojo has returned? I feel as good knitting this as I did my first tweed cardigan, which was the Central Park Hoodie. Is that what knitting mojo is supposed to be? The confidence that whatever you're knitting will turn out right. If so, then I've got it back, baby!

Have you ever lost your knitting mojo? Tell me all about it, I've been there!



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