I'm thrilled to announce that I have bound off the sleeves on the cardigan that I've been knitting for my brother.

There's something I haven't mentioned about this cardigan. It was originally meant to be knit for my ex-husband.

I think you can see where this is going.I cast on this cardigan for my husband at the time, but let me tell you, the marriage was over by the time I got halfway through the front. (ok so maybe it was over even before then but you get my point). I'm a total believer now. Do not knit sweaters for your significant other. The relationship will be over before you finish knitting.

Strange though that I was determined to finish the sweater. I used Berocco Pure Merino in a lovely heathered brown. I was not going to see this beautiful yarn go to waste! It wasn't the yarn's fault that it wasn't meant to be for me and my ex.

On that note, here are some knitting supersitions to keep you busy.

Knitty Auntie has a list here.

A Knitter's Review forum on the same topic.

Here's a list of theatre-oriented superstitions -apparently it's bad luck for an actor to knit at the side of the stage.

Here's an indepth examiniation the boyfriend sweater curse. (from Knitter's Addiction)

Yahoo Answer's the question "how true are knitting myths?"

Have experience with a knitting superstition? Share it in the comments!



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