It's a little overwhelming to be a new knitter. So much information to absorb; a million beautiful knitting patterns that all seem too difficult to try. The other knitters in your life seem to speak another language with such ease you can't help but be a bit envious. Take it easy on yourself, soon enough you'll be your own knitting expert. It just takes a little bit of time and practice. Here's a couple of knitting secrets to make you feel a little more at home in the knitting world -and avoid some of those newbie knitting mistakes.

Yarn and baskets do not mix

Unless you really want moths to eat your good yarn, keep yours away from handwoven baskets. Plastic storage boxes are the best way to keep your yarn dust and moth-free.

Sock knitting is easy

All you need to do is learn how to knit in the round, find a simple sock pattern and get to it. You'll be amazed how addictive it is to have a pair of socks to work on. Here are a couple of sock books to get you on your way. And some sock yarn that will be difficult to resist. Craftsy also has a great beginner sock knitting class.

Cable knitting is a breeze

You wouldn't know it, but those exquisite cables are simply stitches that are twisted around each other. You use a little cable needle to place them in front or behind your work as your knitting. Hello Yarn's Besotted Scarf is the perfect way to learn how to cable knit. It's one of my all time favorite scarves. Made up of little x's and o's to surround your loved ones with hugs and kisses.

There are such things as knitting conventions

You can go to a knitting convention. There, you'll learn tons of new techniques, meet fellow knitters, discover amazing yarns all in one weekend. Plus they're usually in a comfy hotel so you can have a little knitting vacation. There's the Stitches conferences, Interweave Knits' Knitting Labs, and Vogue Knitting Live events.

You can never have too many knitting needles

Needles have a special way of disappearing, just when you need them the most. Plus, sometimes you knit differently with different needle types. Aluminum needles are great when you want a quick, smoth knit, bamboo and wood when you feel like having a little more traction. Plus, you may need the same size needle for multiple projects so maybe you do need 5 pairs of size 8's. There are a million ways to stock up on lots of needles. Ebay usually has "lots" of vintage knitting needles. You can also get a set of interchangeable knitting needles to have everything you need in one set.

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