My fingers are tired from crossing, but we did get some good news and it's that my husband starts a new job next week! There's still a little uncertainty on the horizon and we won't be getting a paycheck before Christmas, but we'll be ok. Now the big work begins for both of us. Husband goes back to work and I have to organize the house for a big move. We'll be moving in with my MIL in February and I need to get rid of two thirds of our stuff to either Goodwill, trash or storage before then. How I'm going to do that with two kids is beyond me, but I've saved up babysitting hours with a friend and will hopefully get a ton of stuff done over the holidays. A weight has lifted off of my shoulders just writing that. It's all going to get done with a little patience and determination. At least that's what I'm telling myself whenever I get anxious about it.

My MIL had our future bathroom painted and I quite like it:


The same color will be in our bedroom in a matte. I love the deep dark teal. It's very soothing, but still allows other colors to shine. It's fun to think about how we're going to do our new bedroom. You can see what we're thinking about on my pinterest board here.

Knitting continues, though not all that exciting. I finished the endless stockinette on the right side of the Dahlia Cardigan so I have to start the other side. My laptop died this week so I have to dig out the pattern and put it on my phone so I can actually access the darned thing.

I keep getting one or two rows done on the Textured Shawl whenever I can. It's gotten to the point where doing one or two rows becomes an achievement. So many stitches on each row.

How's your weekend knitting going?


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