These summer socks are growing fast.


I cast them on for the summer solstice so they're officially my summer socks. They're already a couple of inches long:


First week of summer and we're already rocking it. Oldest son started swim lessons and wowed me with his bravery. He was very nervous about learning to swim and I was fully ready for a giant fearful tantrum just trying to get him in the water, but he got in there on his own, using the ladder and gleefully went through the entire lesson, listening to the instructors. I'm hopeful that he'll be swimming on his own by the end of the month. It was a winning mamma moment to experience. :D

This summer is full of goals. Some not so glamourous. We need to get rid of our storage unit. It's too expensive especially when you consider what they're holding. I'm going to be spending some time at my parents house next week to try to get rid of old junk so that I can move the current boxes of books to my mom and dads and stop the insanity of paying for storage. That will be another monkey off my back for sure. 

There might be some lemon vanilla marmalade on the agenda as well. 

How's your summer going?



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