knitteddresssYesterday I went to Stitches West and had a tremendous time. I got to see old friends, visit my favorite booths, and meet some nifty people. I only wish that I had more time there. One day I'll be able to make a whole weekend of it, but for now with only one car and two kids I relish the few hours I get.

My rule about Stitches is that you have to go there with a plan. Go without a plan and your wallet suffers. Big time. My plan this year was to find some Cascade 220 Sport for the Dahlia cardigan. I wanted to get another skein of sock yarn and still have room for a few knitting surprises. I also made plans to have lunch with a friend back at the Hyatt.

Lunch at the Hyatt was pretty good. The company was the best part of it. My buddy Warren and I showed off our current knitting projects to one another. I met his friend Lila and we all ooooed and aahhhhed over the ridiculous amazing yarns we found. The only downside was the meatball sandwich I ordered. It was the saddest excuse for a meatball sandwich ever made for $12. No salad came with it. No fries. It was UBER LAME. I'm not one for lots of complaining, but note to self: never order that again.

But I don't go to Stitches for the food. I go for the yarn and it did not disappoint.


castonbindoffFirst purchase was actually a book, one I've wanted for a while -the Cast-on Bind-off Book, which is totally brilliant. Usually the first question I ask myself when I'm done swatching a project is how should I cast on for it? Half the time the pattern designer doesn't specify so I like to figure out which cast on would be the best for the project I'm starting . This book is going to make that task a heckuva lot easier.

Next I went to Wonderland Dyeworks. I bought a skein of sock yarn from them last year and made a pair of socks that I now share with my husband. I knitted them for myself, but made the socks a little larger than my feet so we take turns wearing them. I rmeember last year wanting to buy an extra skein in the raspberry colorway, but didn't want to splurge so I was pleased to see that they still have the yarn and bought a skein. It made me so happy -especially since the company is based near where I live.

Then as I mentioned earlier I discovered the Pepperberry Knits booth and did not hesitate at spending a little extra money on a cashmere hat kit. Soft cashmere in beautiful colors, sold by a lovely person. I can't wait to cast on for this hat, even if I have to go to the craft store to get some foamcore for the brim.... I feel some start-itis coming on.


Then I stopped by another booth whose name I always forget, but I always visit it because they have such a great selection of notions and you can never have enough notions. I bought another Susan Bates stitch fixer thing (you know those mini crochet hooks with a knitting needle at one end and a crochet hook at the other). I love using those to crochet provisional castons for my toe up socks. I had another one, but who knows where it disappeared to.  I also bought a set of handmade stitch markers. They were hot pink.

More pictures to come tomorrow, I'll show you pictures of my haul from Stitches!

Did you go to Stitches West? See anything new? Let me know in the comments!


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