I'm counting the days until Sock Summit. To tide me over I've got links from Stitches South.

Dark Matter Knits had her whole trip graciously paid for by a thoughtful family member.

ChrisKnits has a pretty thorough review.

Quiddity's Second Part of her Stitches South Story has quite a few fantastic photos.

Wool2Dye4 took some amazing classes.

PixiePurls has photos on her Flickr Account.

CopperScaleDragons took her crochet hook and braved the knitters. (Yay Crochet!)

Cherry Tree Hill Yarn is doing the great yarn festival circuit. (see photo above)

Now I'm going to check out yarns for sale on Ravelry, cuz it's just not a Stitches-related post without me shopping for even more yarn.

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