I'm on a stashbusting mission. I have a ton of yarn. Unlike most knitters I don't love having a ton of yarn. I know, that's crazy coming from a knitter, but I don't like the obligation that comes along with having multiple plastic boxes of yarn. I feel like I can't buy anymore yarn, or at the very least that it's irresponsible to buy more yarn when I already have so much of it. Part of that is that I'm a Stay At Home Mom and I'm not making much money. It would be irresponsible to buy yarn because it should be paying for food, preschool and bills. 

Sticking with the yarn I have means that I'm pretty much stuck when it comes to choosing knitting patterns. I find myself drooling whenever I see those beautiful Madeline Tosh yarns in knitting patterns. It would be so awesome to buy a sweater quantity of Mad Tosh sport and make something gloriously beautiful, but it's just not in the budget and that's ok. That's why when I find a pattern that makes me want to drool, like the Eileen Fisher Dolman Sleeve Pullover from the Fall 2014 Vogue Knitting Magazine I get so excited because I have yarn in the stash -a large quantity of yarn- that I want to see knitted up and finished. 


That's some Cascade Luna from my stash. It doesn't quite meet the gauge requirements. If I stretch the swatch it makes gauge easily. I have enough in my stash to knit the sweater in question, but if I go according to the gauge it's going to be quite a bit smaller so I think I might go up a size, or investigate the behaviors of knitted cotton t see if I can use my lack of gauge to make the cotton work better. I am concerned about stretching. It's a risk, but as always... if it doesn't fit me, I'll try to make it fit on my mother in law or one of her beautiful friends.

While I ponder the gauge I'm still working on the beachy raglan and will hopefully get to the sleeves over the labor day weekend. We're staying close to home this year and it would be alright by me if there was a movie-a-thon like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. I could knit to that all weekend, probably not with the kids tho ;)

What are you doing for Labor Day?

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