I have been a very bad girl and have added yarn to my already too large stash, but with a yarn sale and visiting Llama Llama Knit in Novato, I couldn't say no to new knitting yarn and notions. Skip to the end for my review of Llama Llama Knit. I admit I have a problem and will probably check in with the yarn equivalent of Dr. Drew. Somebody let me know when you find him/her.

I stumbled upon this Katia yarn in a sale bin outside my local yarn shop. I can't walk by the yarn store because there's always something I have to buy there and it's only three blocks from home. Anyhoo, it's destined to be a hat and some fingerless gloves.


This is one of the skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Potluck that I bought at the sale a couple of weeks ago. I'm a little worried because the yarn is extra soft that the socks will not hold up. I'll let you know once I knit them.


This is the other skein of yarn I bought in the Cherry Tree Hill sale. I really like the colors of both these skeins.


I got this needle gauge and stitch markers at Llama Llama Knit.  I was sorely tempted by the large selection of Malabrigo and Dream in Color, but managed to restrain myself to the notions section. Llama Llama Knit is a fantastic yarn shop in Novato, CA and honestly, in an area where there's already so many fabulous yarn shops (Knitterly in Petaluma and Bluebird in Sausalito come to mind), this one is one of the best. I would not hesitate to say that they have the most comfortable couches in a yarn shop this side of the Mississippi.

The design of this shop is clearly about creating community. The couches are in the center of the store, placed around a large coffee table. The staff/owners are as welcoming as the store layout. When I visited last week, Marie played with my 10-month-old son while I perused the shelves and got to know Andy, the person behind the Fornicating Mooses I featured last week as a "Finished Object Made of Awesome". Eventhough I live more than 45 minutes away, I am more than tempted to visit their Tuesday night open knitting, an not just because many of my old favorites from my San Rafael knit night are there. If you're looking for a warm place to knit in Northern California, definitely stop by Llama Llama Knit. I don't think you will be disappointed.

I was wondering are there other yarn stores with fabulous couches that make you want to sit and knit all day long?

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