startreksocksAs continues our obsession with geeky knitting pursuits we're going to explore the delightful world of Star-Trek-related knitting. There's something comforting about watching any Star Trek show. Perhaps it's the idealized humanity and the exploring of new worlds. It gives you hope for the future, that perhaps the world will be a better place two or three millenia from now.

You can't get much more comfortable than knitting while watching Star Trek, except if you're knitting Star Trek related knitting patterns. With the new Star Trek movie due to arrive in theaters any day (and word is that it's great) let's take a moment to check out some Star Trek related knitting patterns.

The Original Star Trek

Star Trek Coffee Cozy by the Yarn Twins (ok it's crochet)
Show everyone how much you love Star Trek with an easy-to-knit coffee cup cozy. What better than the federation to keep your coffee from burning your fingers. Saves on those paper cozies too.

Star Trek Potholders by Ilana Macdonald
Here comes the federation again with Potholders to proect yourself from the heat of the oven.

Star Trek Socks by Laura Hohman
Take sock knitting to the warp speeds with these Star Trek inspired socks. (photo at left by Laura Hohman)

Star Trek Dress by Toni Carr
Blow everyone away at the convention -knitting or Star Trek with these awesome original style Star Trek knitted dresses

Uhura Shawl by MMario
Uhura was the epitome of elegance and so is this shawl.


Star Trek the Next Generation

Star Trek Next Gen Junion Onesie by Sara Sward
This is the most badass next gen project, especially if it gets cold where you live. This onesie will help your toddler explore far and wide around the living room. Extra bonus points for bald babies who look like Captain Picard.

Captain Picard and Commander Riker Amigarumi by Becky Young
Next Gen has been off the air for years, but you can crochet yourself fan favorites Picard and Riker to make your office or car a friendlier place.

Guinan Hat by Kim K.
As the designer notes "I know, that level of sexiness is dangerous, so please wear responsibly." It is a sexy hat. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Star Trek Reboot

Scotty's Hat by Nicole Lorenz
You too can look as cute at Simon Pegg. You can practice your Scottish accent while you knit.

Zachary Quinto Spock Knitting Chart by Aliese Holder
Nothing says I love Star Trek like a giant Spock sweater.

Do you love Star Trek? Are you a knitting geek? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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