wearingfinishedcowlSpring is here which means that knitting season is pretty much over. California didn't get much a knitting season. Only a little rain at the beginning. We needed much much more.

I finished the Skeino cowl, which probably won't get much wear until the fall, but I'm happy with it.

The cowl is super soft, just like the yarn and never itchy. Never. I really can't say that about the alpaca shawls that I've knitted, but then I'm a little allergic to alpaca. Note to self: knit instead with merino.

I went through my yarn stash yesterday and I'm almost ashamed of it. It's as if all of that unused yarn is one giant unfinished object. Unfinished objects make me feel like a neglectful knitter, all these proto-sweaters languising in plastic cages. 

This makes me feel like I should pull an actual unfinished object out of hibernation. I've been ignoring the Red Fern pullover for too long now, mainly because the pattern requires so much concentration. I've had too many responsibilities to really enjoy knitting anything beyond a stockinette stitch sock, or the flower washcloths that I've knit a million times. I need to get that cardigan finished so that I can attack other different knitting cardigans. 

I've been hesitant about sweater knitting because I lost weight and suddenly pullovers and cardigans that I made last year are kinda droopy. It's a little heartbreaking when something you worked so hard to knit suddenly doesn't fit so well.

But then I realize that I have some knitted objects that were kind of on the smallish size that fit much better now. 

Anyhoo, just a few random ramblings on a beautiful spring day where I wish it would be raining. 

What are you knitting?


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