A new knitter recently asked me how many socks I have knit in my life. I've only been knitting since 2004 and since then I have knit at least 20 pairs of socks in my estimation. This was a shocking number to the new knitter, but not so much for me. It has been rare for me to not have a pair of socks on the needles since teaching myself to knit socks back in 2005. A pair of socks on the needles is like having a constant, if quiet companion.

I love having my sock knitting to take out when I have to wait in line, or if I happen to meet another friend who knits, or to knit at the movie theater. Seeing as I rarely knit anything other than plain socks it's easy enough to knit rounds and rounds of stockinette in the dark.

Since I've been knitting socks now for 7 years I wanted to see what I've made all in one go, which is why I've started this sock slideshow. At least for me it's enjoyable to see my favorite socks that I have knit and the ones my mom has knit for me. This is by no means representative of all of the socks I have ever knit, but I'll add more as I take more photos. The socks I have knit for my husband are some of my all time favorites.


How many socks have you knit so far? Which pairs are your favorites? Let me know in the comments.

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