Judging from the various tweets on the subject, lots of you are sad not to be attending Sock Summit. I hear you, especially since my only taste of Sock Summit will be the Marketplace. But I thought some of you might enjoy some Sock Summit vicariously through some of the blogs:

About.com has an excellent round up of day one, which some interesting interviews and news.

Simply Socks Yarn Co has posted about their first Sock Summit Day - with a pic preview of their booth~ Can't wait to go!

PDX Knitterati has an excellent post to give you a feel for how the classes and convention looks and feels.

More Sock Summit class goodness from It's Otrembarific. Apparently some women were sharing Knob Creek bourbon in class while they knit. Sounds like my kind of group!

The Sweet Sheep has some sock knitting action.

Stariel is another non-class taking sock summit-er! She just finished some beautiful monkey socks.

It looks like Knitgrrl has a nifty pattern to sell at the show. It looks like my kind of sock pattern, vanilla with a little extra work at the cuff.

Here's a little message from the fine folks at The Chronicles of Yarnia in case you're wanting to visit them during Sock Summit. I like people who are proactive and think ahead -they've got great options for you in case the store gets super busy.

Have a sneak peel at the Crazy Monkey Creations Booth.

Three Irish Girls post about their summit.

For me, it was pretty cool wandering around Portland and seeing knitters in action, supportive spouses sporting sock summit shirts, and happy knitters with gorgeous knitting bags at KnitPurl. 

4203_96687893022_508228022_2698603_4773716_nIf you happen to see me at Sock Summit, say hello, show me your sock knitting and I'll post it on Knit Luck!



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