Hooray for Day 2!!!!!!

I arrived at about 11:30 am and was pleased to discover that they still had plenty of room for World Record participants! I took a ticket and spent a little time perusing the Marketplace -and instantly found a good deal on a skein of Fleece Artist that someone was selling from their stash for $10, in a colorway that I wouldn't normally choose for myself.

Then I got into the World Record attempt with just moments to spare. It was great to have the Yarn Harlot as our leader in world record timing -and hilarious to apologize to the Australians who had previously held the record. I had never seen the Yarn Harlot in person, let alone hear her speak and she is heelarious. If one woman has ever earned a vacation in a sunny tropical locale, it is her. I hope she and the other organizers find some time for some much needed R&R because Sock Summit the first turned out pretty awesome.

I have photos, but of course I left the handy-dandy cord to transfer them to my lap top at home, so I'm just going to have to have a photo bonanza when I get home tomorrow.

Other highlights for me: bumping into old knit night friends, purchasing some awesome sock yarn from Kitchen Sink, getting another Tulip Jacket kit (this time for my munchkin on the way).

Here's how it went for some fellow bloggers:

Monicapdx messaged me on Ravelry to share her experience at Sock Summit. She tells about the origins of sock summit and has an interesting perspective as a local. Lotsa photos too!

Two Sock Knitters has 1000 words on Sock Summit.

It's Otembarific has a run down of their day 2. Hellooooooo photos!

I think I saw More Yarn Than Time at the summit, but didn't know who she was!

Knitting Out Loud has been blogging from the booth and showing off socks!

Flock Ewe has some awesome pictures from the World Record Knitting Attempt and some knitting celeb pics.

Nerd Knits has some pics of the line to get into the Marketplace when it opened (glad I missed that)

PDXKnitterati has their day two up too! She's got a picture with the Dansko lady (super smart those Dansko people -wish I could splurge on another pair!)

Knitting Under the Northern Lights has a picture of the antique sock knitting machine. I'm gonna need two of those after all the sock yarn I've bought.

On the Loopy Fringe has pictures of some of the awesome stuff she bought. I'm totally jealous of her red Danskos.

Photos and Day Three round up tomorrow!!!


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