So I was one of those goofy people who bought airfare before getting classes at Sock Summit. Then I didn't get into any classes. So I went to Sock Summit today hoping to attend the marketplace (and get that out of the way so I could check out other things in Portland), when I discovered that the Marketplace didn't open until 4:30 and was only available to Sock Summit students. It was rather disappointing and I'm sure the information was buried in the web site, but it was a bit of a let down to get there to be disappointed. All the more so because I'm already predisposed to crankiness

But DH and I got over it and we explored Portland, walking all the way from the Convention Center across the Burnside Bridge over to Powell's Books. FYI fellow Sock Summiters: it's a long walk in a seedy neighborhood that makes SF's Tenderloin district seem like Nob Hill. 

Powell's Books is an excellent place to start exploring Portland -they have a nifty map of downtown availalbe FOR FREE that is quite useful and can be found at the register. Then we went to Whole Foods for lunch, then Buffalo Exchange for a spot of shopping, and then Mio Gelato for gelato and coffee (wish we had found them first to have their soups and Paninis). 

Then we took the street car down the street until I saw a shop with yarn in the windows (really it's only one stop away) and commanded that DH and I should hop off to settle my yarn fix. Knit Purl was excellent. I have long been searching for a silky yarn in a golden hue for my upcoming wedding and Knit Purl had Handmaiden's Sea Silk in Straw and a Gardiner Yarn Works pattern. The ladies at Knit Purl were super sweet and helpful -and clued me into some of the excellent Sock Summit events they're putting on. I'm super tempted to call up and get on the Wine and Cheese party list. 

Anyhoo I've got some video and some photos which I will post tomorrow morning! I'll probably miss the world record attempt, but I'm hoping that everyone will be knitting while I'm visiting the marketplace. Then DH and I are planning to visit Bunk Sandwiches and the Hawthorne District.

Hope to see you at Sock Summit!

Oh, and if you're hoping to go to Sock Summit and you need a hotel to stay at, The Red Lion Inn at Jantzen Beach still has rooms. It's a 20 min streetcar ride from the convention center. 


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