My Favorite Sock Knitting Books

SensationalknittedsocksI was knitting a new pair of socks and it occurred to me that I have not shared my favorite sock knitting books. You see, I went back to my old habit of knitting cuff down socks and completely forgot how t turn the heel. I had to dig into my sock knitting book stash and dig out my old favorite, the book that taught me how to knit socks: Sensational Knitted Socks from Charlene Schurch. Sensational Knitted Socks shows you all the different parts of the sock and how to knit them, as well as offering charts to easily knit bigger or smaller sizes. She also shows you different kinds of stitch patterns and how they work when knitting a sock. It's my go to sock knitting book. I don't think I ever bought the sequel, but that doesn't mean I won't ;) The books are out of print, but you can still buy them quite cheaply from Amazon.



TheSockKnittersHandbookOne of the reasons they are out of print is that Charlene Schurch published a new book of sock knitting patterns called The Sock Knitter's Handbook. It contains much of the same information as the Sensational Socks book, but with expanded sections on yarn behavior and different sock knitting techniques. The original books focus on the top down method, but they're still a great place to start when you're learning to knit socks. 

Socks from the Toe Up from Wendy D. Johnson was my next favorite sock knitting book. Once I mastered the cuff down sock, I became a little bored with sock knitting and moved on to this little book of adorably simple Toe Up sock patterns. Wendy has an easy way of teaching knitting technique and her various sock knitting designs seriously motivate you to knit socks from the top up and do so quickly. 



favoritesocksAnother Oldie but Goodie Sock Knitting Book is Favorite Socks from Ann Bud. It's a collection of sock knitting projects from Interweave Knits, but they all have a vintage feel to them. Some even come from folk knitting traditions. These can be much more complicated sock knitting patterns, but they're worth a look. If you love Ann Bud's work you might also like her latest book Sock Knitting Master Class. This book is another addition to a bunch of books that hope to embrace the entire sock knitting category.




sockupied015bookIf you really love knitting socks and have knit them six ways to Sunday and still want more, then check out Sockupied, Ann Merrow's collection of innovative sock knitting patterns. You will never look at sock knitting the same way again. Some people love knitting cardigans and some people prefer knitting socks. This book is for people who love the complication of knitting a cardigan, but prefer to wear their yarn on their feet.

If you can't knit your socks fast enough, consider trying the two-at-a-time sock knitting technique. Melissa Morgan-Oakes has 2-at-a-Time Socks , a book full of two-at-a-time sock knitting patterns and detailed instructions how to learn to knit this crazy sock knitting method. I have not yet gotten brave enough to try it.  

bookofsocksFinally we have Clara Parke's Book of Socks which is one of my all time favorite sock knitting books because it gives both new and experienced sock knitters something to learn. It takes sock knitting into greater depths, helping you understand how to make the best fitting and longest wearing socks based on pattern design and yarn selection. 

What are your favorite sock knitting books? Tell me more and share your sock knitting story with me in the comments!


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