I am very grateful to knitting right now, and greatful to Skeino for this yarn I'm knitting. The last few weeks have been challenging and bringing out an impatient and bad attitude of late. It's stupid stuff, kid stuff and school stuff that has me all bent out of shape. The good news is that I've learned from it and I can tell you that I am done and over all of the stupid charter school crap. I live in a good neighborhood with a great school. I wish I hadn't wasted so much time trying to get my oldest son into another school. Hopefully we'll live in the same neighborhood for the next thirteen years and I won't ever have to do these school shenanigans ever again. 

Having the Skeino Cowl to knit (as I'm calling it) has been a relief. It's very simple. I don't even have a pattern. I just cast on a ton of stitches in the round and I'm working out an alternating garter stitch and stockinette stitch pattern so that I can make the most of the color changes in the yarn. I'm rather pleased with it. These aren't usually the kinds of colors I choose. Greens, browns and blues look much better on my mother so I might try to give this one to her. 


I wanted to make sure you guys saw lots of photos to see how the colors change. They're nice long color repeats which works very well with something that can be as long as a cowl. I'm about halfway done and I'm still surprised by how each of the colors turns out -partially because of the way I've alternated the stitch patterns, I truly don't know how each row is going to turn out, which motivates me to just keep knitting. The uber softness of the yarn doesn't hurt either.

The photos are showing much more halo than what I have in real life, and the colors are more vibrant in person. I am truly overdue for a new camera. 


What are you knitting these days? 

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