If you saw the Scott Pilgrim Movie, then you'll know that there are some excellent handknits that every knitter was thinking about during the film. So here you go, some Scott Pilgrim knitting goodness.

There were really only two, just this sweater and scarf:
(if you find more, let me know in the comments)


Ramona's hooded v-neck looks like it might be knitted in a worsted mohair. The Knives striped scarf looks to be a simple stockinette scarf without selvedge -just alternate black and white every 5-6 inches and make it really long.

Here are some sweater patterns found on Ravelry that might serve as a good basis for the Ramona Flowers sweater:

Pullover by Submlime Yarns (best match)
109-1 Jumper with hood in Eskimo
by Drops Design (close match)
Terra by Jacquelyn Landry
Corona by Canary Sanctuary

There seems to be a lot of discussion about Scott Pilgrim knitting over at Ravelry.

Laura Jean Shannon was the costume designer behind the film and has an interview with Laura deCarufel from the Torontoist Style Notebook.

Oh and in case you wanted Ramona's hair, but without the hairdye... try the Hallowig!

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