Photo from the experimental knitter
From what I've seen on the blogs, The Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival for 2010 was fantastic. Here are some Rhinebeck 2010 blogs so that you can read and pretend that you were there.

The Thinking Mother got to attend and is still contemplating learning how to spin.

The Experimental Knitter has lots of cute sheep and lamb photos.

Gladys Quimby highlighted some of the most important parts of Rhinebeck: maple candy, bonfires, and walkie talkies.

Juniper Moon Farm has some of the best photos from Rhinebeck.

Jersey Knitter managed to get to Rhinebeck CARFREE! That's a super awesome accomplishment, and it's a good thing she did because she documents the trip beautifully!

Emilee Knits has lots of people and knitting in her summary of Rhinebeck. She and her friends had lots of fun. One year I will got with a large group.

The Painted Sheep had some seriously good stash enhancement.

I Knit Alone found someone to go to Rhinebeck with and regales us with tales of going to Rhinebeck with her spinning wheel in the days before Rhinebeck was so popular.

Don't miss Knitting Knirvana's video podcast of their trip to Rhinebeck 2010.

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