I'm super happy to be a part of Project Stash's Amari Shawl Knit Along. I don't do knit alongs very often. Usually they're super complicated patterns that I don't want to disrupt my current knitting projects, but the Amari Shawl is such an easy project that I couldn't refuse. We've been sharing our projects in the Juniper Farm Ravelry Group. Come see all of our different Amaris.


I went digging in my stash and I was surprised by the lack of worsted weight yarn. I could swear that I have a ton, but really I have a lot of dk and fingering weight yarns. Then I realized that the Blue Sky Alpacas Melange in Cornflower that I've been saving for a rainy day was sitting at the bottom of my yarn basket and that it leaned a little more on the worsted side of things.


I've been wanting to knit this yarn forever, but could never find the right pattern for it. I didn't want to do too much lace. Amari was the perfect combination of stockinette and lace.


I'm using the Knit Picks Nickel Plated Interchangeables and I'm very happy with them on this project. I initially cast on with a size 6 needle, thinking that this yarn was smaller than worsted, but I was terribly wrong. The stitches turned out all smushed and you couldn't see how beautiful the yarn was. I went up a needle size and the results were much much better.


The baby alpaca is softer than the softest baby blanket of my infant memories. This is one enjoyable knitting project.

Have you knit with baby alpaca before? Do you like alpaca? It's really soft, but sometimes it can be too drapey. Let me know in the comments.

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