If you're new to visiting Knit Luck, it might be hard to know where to start. We've written hundreds of articles, some features and some short little updates. Obviously our main subjects can be found in the menu above, like Learn to Knit, The Interchangeable Knitting Needle Guide and Geek Knitting, but we also needed a place to show off some of our other work over the years. These articles, some of them dating back to our first days show what Knit Luck is all about: the knitting lifestyle. 

Here's what we have for now. We'll be adding more over time.


Knitting Needles

The Interchangeable Knitting Needle Guide
Get help figuring out which set of interchangeable knitting needles works best for you.


Resources for Beginning Knitters

Knitting Books
The Best Books for Beginning Knitters


Strange Kniting Questions:

Whatever Happened to Goddess Yarns
Back in the mid-two-thousands Goddess Yarns distributed some of the best natural fibre yarns in the country only to suddenly go out of business. We are still looking for a suitable replacement yarn all these years later.


Our Knitting Patterns:

Candy Heart Washcloth Pattern
A heart-shaped knitting pattern using our favorite Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille.

Poetry Apron
A lacy apron with a cabled waist-strings.

Toddler Socks
Simple socks for little feet.


Knitting Patterns We Want To Knit

A shawl worth drooling over.



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