2014 has gotten a slow start. I had the flu from hell, husband hurt his foot in an ill advised attempt to crush our holiday recycling and I've had a bit of knitter's block. With all the crazy that's been going on (which I attribute to a little bit of 2013 sneaking into my 2014) I just haven't felt like knitting.

My mind is swamped with move logistics. I have to figure out what to pack first, how to get it all transported to storage while also managing the kids preschool schedule, a babysitting trade schedule and just plain caring for my own kids while they're home. We don't move until the end of February, but I swear it's going to take me six weeks to get all this stuff ready.

However I do have a post from the holidays that I need to get up here. I did a little play-by-play on blocking my holiday socks. I used Eucalan Wool Wash, kindly furnished to me by the Eucalan folks to try out. I've used their stuff before, but now they have new nifty scents. Stay tuned later this week for that.

I've been resisting the urge to enhance my stash. I just can't do it. I have so much yarn. Too much yarn, which the move is just making me face. I want to dive-bomb into my knitting stuff and organize the heck out of it, but it's just too hard with all these different boxes around and kids wanting to play with the yarn. I suppose that if I clear some stuff into storage I could reward myself with some stash organization ;) yeah yeah, that's the ticket. That's how to motivate me into getting this stuff done!

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