ochooctopusThe octopus is a noble animal, very intelligent and clever. It's no surprise that this creature is a favorite among knitters. Check out these great octopus-inspired knitting projects and knitters:

Octopus Knits on Blogspot is an excellent spinner. Check out her work on the Tour de Fleece.

The Tentacle Hat is one of my favorite knits for children. See it on Craftster.

The Crafty Hedgehog on Etsy has Ocho The Octopus, a knitting pattern for sale. (See photo at left)

Visit Trendhunter to see Octopods knitted in wire.

You can never go wrong with a search on Ravelry. Here are the results for Octopus Knitting.

The Knitted Kitty has a ton of washcloth patterns, one of which is an octopus pattern, which can be found in their sea creatures section.

The Child Octopus Mittens by Elli Stubenrach are awesome mixed with awesome sauce.

You really can't beat the Octopursy made by Annegret Hartung.

Happy Knitting!

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