I don't know if this happens to you, but it's not all that often that I complete a piece of epic knitting (well, epic for me anyway). And this cardigan was a journey 18 months in the making, so now that it's finished I'm sort of stuck. Unlike those who end up with start-itis, I really don't want to knit much. I did have some pangs of start-itis. I found myself scanning the pages of ravelry's pattern search to find my next great cardigan only to realize that I had already cast one on back in March. Yeah, I heard you Dahlia Cardigan, I will get back to you in a little while. I just want to enjoy this finished sweater feeling a little bit longer.

Don't get me wrong, a pair of socks is finally getting a little bit of love. I'm so behind on my Christmas sock knitting. I'm hoping to get this pair done so that I can focus on the second pair next month. I'm going to knit another pair of socks using the last skein of Little Red Bicycle that I have in my stash. If I could justify adding to my sock yarn stash I would buy up all of the Little Red Bicycle yarn for sale on Ravelry, but alas I am trying to downsize. The devil sitting on my shoulder reminds me that they're not making this yarn anymore and that is a good reason to buy more of it. We'll see. If you have any Little Red Bicycle yarn you wish to sell, you know who to bother ;). Heck if I knew anything about dying yarn I would try to buy the dye recipes.

It doesn't help that little life changes are making me put knitting on the back burner. My older son starts his preschool next week. It's a coop preschool so I am required to do quite a bit of work along with the other parents so there are going to be more demands on my time. I have to make sure that Nate gets to school on time, properly dressed with a healthy snack. I also have to make sure I have proper babysitting for my youngest whenever I have to work in the school. When new things pop up in my life I have this tendency to sit back to allow myself to get used to the changes. Sometimes this even means my knitting, especially when my knitting projects all have new phases to them. I have to turn the heel on the socks, I have to caston a different section of the Dahlia Cardigan. For some reason I'm hesitant to tackle these things when I'm getting used to a new routine.

Did I mention that I also started yoga? I've needed a little routine in my life and going to yoga has done the trick. I've long needed the exercise. It's nice to have another way to reconnect. Speaking of which, I've decided to attend a knitting retreat in 2014 in California. Does anyone have any good recommendations (besides Stitches and Knitting Lab)?

And that's what's going on Chez Knit Luck.

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